2016 Friedlich Jewelry

I’ve used a wide array of techniques in this new jewelry. The most recent work inspired by food, combines four of my passions: food, humor, glass and jewelry. I am literally doing lost celery casting and lost asparagus casting. By casting these mundane materials in glass, I am hoping that the viewer will see them in a new light and realize what beautiful forms they are. Plus, the idea of wearing a stalk of celery as a brooch makes me smile.

Some of the other designs are press molded and are in line with my recent series inspired by water and geometry. Others are cut from blown or fused glass and harken back to some of my earlier work involving translucence. Over the years themes and processes have often faded and then reappeared later in some new series. Much of this work was done for a solo exhibitions at Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, Jewelerswerk Galerie in Washington, DC and a recent show at Reinstein Ross Gallery in New York City.