Making Glass


Most of the current work from my Aqua Series and Magnification Series is made through press molding into graphite molds. The molds are designed in computer aided design software (CAD) and then I use computer aided machining (CAM) to carve the molds. In the above clip, I am working with Shayna Leib at Radiant Glass in Madison, WI. In this instance we are using a two part mold that requires a press. I made the press by altering an arbor press purchased at Harbor Freight.

I also sometimes work at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass with Eric Meek.

The graphite is a mess to work with and I think of carving it as a pencil sharpener from hell. However, it’s a very effective mold material and also quite beautiful in its own right.

Below are molds from my recent work coupled with the glass jewelry that came from them.


Press Molding Glass Forms

Two-part Translucence Series mold that`s in the video clip

Two-part Translucence Series mold

One-part Aqua Series mold

Two one-part Aqua Series Molds

Two Magnification Series molds